Museum of
Natural History


The development and maintenance of the Museum has been done through the generosity of people just like you giving of their time and money as well as in-kind donations. Without you none of this would be possible.

There is still much work to be done on the building, scraping and painting of outside walls and windows. There is still some electrical work to be done and lighting to be installed.  *Update September 2015 - Painting and scraping are in progress, thanks to donations and the hard work of Lowe's and other awesome volunteers!!*

We raised $9,500 through private donations to replace a dangerous and crumbing porch. This was completed in June 2009.

We are grateful to all our amazing supporters!

We are proud of our citizens and especially the children who have helped to bring the museum up to this point.

As of October 2016 we have 90 "Friends of the NCM" whose contributions have kept us afloat since our opening. This has been supplemented by proceeds from our fundraiser Sweet Charity, our annual Holiday Craft Bazaar, and other activities.

Volunteers as docents,(tour guides) are welcome as it would enable opening of the museum more hours a week.

At present we are only open Saturdays from 10am-1pm, or by appointment with Elizabeth teGroen at (573) 762 3077.

All donations are gratefully accepted. Please consider becoming a "Friend of the Newburg Children's Museum", by downloading, completing, and mailing this form.

For in-kind donations please contact our Curator, Elizabeth teGroen at 573-762-3077


  • Volunteers to keep the museum open for visitors.
  • Volunteers to help with the children's program on Thursday afternoon from 3:30-5pm.
  • We need to install lighting donated by Lowe's. *Update - lighting installation complete!!
  • 9 Solar panels would supply electricity for both the museum and the Houston House, and cut down our expenses. It would also provide the children with knowledge of alternative fuels in a demonstration of the workings and advantages of the use of various fuels.
  • For the contents of the museum we would like a tumbler, so the children could learn how to polish stones.
  • An ultraviolet light would be useful to have so as to show up different characteristics of certain rocks.