Newburg Children's Museum
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Friends of the Newburg Children's Museum

***Friends of Newburg Children's Museum Membership Form***

The first annual Friends of the Newburg Children's Museum Membership Festival was held Saturday, April 18th, 2009. We successfully raised the $9500 to put a new historically accurate front porch on the museum. The current porch was over 100 years old. After April 18th were at $4400, almost halfway there.Within the next week we had recieved the remainer in donations.

We had a great turn out considering the weather was cloudy, and it never rained on us the whole day. But we had the food and music inside the Historic Houston House just in case.

We had a tremendous help from donors, volunteers from Newburg and the surrounding communities and many generous sponsors. We would like to thank all of them publicly.

We started at 2:00 PM. Richie Myers brought the big Barbecue grill.  Richie Myers, Tom Campbell and Norman Brown did the cooking of the Free hot dogs and hamburgers. Bottled water was the beverage of the day. We fed over one hundred people. The supplies for the meal and decorations were donated by Country Mart, Blues Market, I-44 surplus, Inspiration Center Clinic, Nature Girls Whole Foods, Kroger, Walmart, McDonalds.

Jennie and Chuck Heidbreeder, local clowns and balloon animal artists, donated their time and balloons to make amazing works ofballoon-art for the children. My personal favorite balloon animal was a big red and black spider one of the boys was enjoying. We had three face painters who donated their time, art and paints; Jennie Heidbreeder, Ann Renner and Luce Myers with beautiful body- art for the children.

Historical entertainment was donated by Norman Brown who dressed in regalia of the time period as one of the Lewis and Clark team of explorers. He explained some of the challenges faced by the early explorers and showed some of the equipment they had used including a compass, the same model and made by the same man who had made the compass Lewis and Clark actually used in their travels. He was funny and educational.

Dave Keyman, Local Native American, gave a detailed talk on the sacred smudging ceremony used by the Native Americans. Dave was able to bring the relationship of the Native Americans and our heavenly Father "the Great Spirit" to life for our little group. Afterward several people told me how moving and inspiring they found his presentation.

The music was terrific. Luce Myers, Jean Henry and Sherri Simpson did a set of 40s music, Bliss Hippy did a set of mostly original Contemporary Folk music, Dixie Union Band did a set of great down home Blue Grass Music, and The Diezelfitters did a rousing set of Blues and Classic Rock to end the evening.

Elizabeth te Groen, museum Curator and Director, gave tours of the museum from 2:00 PM till 7:00 PM. Many of our visitors had not known about this delightful museum before this event. We had a lot of new members join the Friends of the Newburg Children's Museum. It is not to late to join in with membership or donations.