Newburg Children's Museum
of Natural History

NCM Heroes

This past summer Newburg resident Sissy Borders had a conversation with museum president and volunteer, Betsy Shockley. Sissy explained that her employer, Lowe’s in Rolla, has a tradition of supporting and working with volunteers interested in improving their communities. She asked if the Newburg Children’s Museum (NCM) could benefit from Lowe’s help via the Lowe’s Heroes Program.

A couple of weeks later Sissy and a dozen other enthusiastic Lowe’s employees showed up at the museum with ladders and scrapers and took on the tough task of removing decades of cracked and peeling paint on the museum’s aging exterior. All of these hours of sweat cost the NCM and Lowe’s nothing… these folks happily helped the museum on their own time and dime.

But that was not the end of the help. A week later Sissy called to tell us that Lowe’s wished to donate materials to further our renovation and revitalization efforts at the museum. As a result of this generosity, the NCM received:
• Twenty gallons of top-of-the-line exterior paint to give the recently scraped exterior a bright new protective coat.
• Twelve, high-efficiency, 2 x 4-foot ceiling mounted, fluorescent light fixtures with bulbs that will bring every room in the museum up to the same illumination standards used in schools.
• An energy-efficient tankless hot water heater to replace the old and un-repairable electricity-gorging unit, to help ensure that we maintain a clean and healthy environment for the children.
• A 17-cubic foot Energy-Star rated refrigerator to keep afterschool snacks and science materials fresh.
• A 60-inch oak cabinet base to support needed sink and additional counter space in the Activity Room.

A hero can be defined as a person who is admired by others for their noble qualities, distinguished abilities, and selfless acts and deeds. Lowe’s and their employees are heroes in the eyes of NCM volunteers and children.

Submitted on December 15, 2015 by M. A. Zurbrick,
NCM volunteer and Facilities Committee member.