Newburg Children's Museum
of Natural History

Rock and Fossil Room

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Missouri is noted for its caves, and as you enter this room you are shown how creatures adapt to living in the darkness of caves. On the left are shown the different geologic strata of America and the once shallow seas. The different rocks found in Missouri are displayed, and then all the variations of quartz from which jewelry is made. In the next display cabinet begins the history of fossils, starting with those found in Precambrian period, including Trilobites, Crinoids and Brachiopods when Missouri was a shallow sea. There are photos taken of skeletons found in South Africa of huge salamander-like creatures destroyed in the 95% wipe out of life in the Permian period. There are rocks showing how Tiger Eye is formed and the reason for Apache Tears. There are dinosaur teeth and an Allosaurus claw among the many fossil specimens, as well as whale otoliths. Information is available on tectonic plates, the formation of volcanoes and the products created from them. There is a TV on which to show the many videos on the above subjects and books for further information. A map on the door shows the geologic history of the world, and related to it, the appearance of each species of life.

Lava Mosasaur Tooth